Latest Public Accounts Committee report on rural broadband programme published

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) discussed today the National Audit Office progress report on the Government’s superfast rural broadband programme.

In a more positive session, the Committee reviewed with the panel (DCMS, BT Group and BDUK representatives) issues raised in previous meetings, including the lack of transparency on the detail of the roll-out plans including costs and level of competition in public funding.

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CES: 4K and Smart Devices – the view from afar

So 2015’s bigger, louder and better (?) Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has closed.  From afar it looked as though this year was more about the direction and theme of the tech industry – with more 4K/Ultra High Definition televisions and an explosion in ‘connected’ devices appearing to be the main two– rather than about one device winning through.

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Government announces extension to the SME Connection Voucher Schemes

In the Autumn Statement, the Government has announced that it will extend the vouchers component of the Super Connected Cities programme. The Connection Vouchers scheme allows SMEs in Super Connected Cities* to get a grant of up to £3,000 for a faster, better broadband connection.

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BSG launches results of survey into broadband usage amongst 1000 micro-businesses

Today the Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG), launches the results of a detailed survey into the internet usage of 1000 micro-businesses (those with between 0-9 employees). The survey finds that although 87% of micro-businesses have an internet connection, older businesses – those in operation for more than five years – are less likely to be taking full advantage of the internet in growing their business. Continue reading