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Preserving the Open Internet – BSG Chair Richard Hooper CBE keynote speech at the Broadband World Forum

BBWF RH speechOn Tuesday 20 October 2015, BSG Chair Richard Hooper presented to the Broadband World Forum the UK’s approach to the Open Internet.

Preceding Richard’s speech, Fight for the Future campaigner Evan Greer outlined the key events leading to a fierce public debate and adoption of strong net neutrality rules in the US.

The UK’s approach to the Open Internet was less controversial and lead to positive outcomes for both the industry and the consumer. Richard Hooper, in his speech, presented the success of the Open Internet Code which complemented the earlier Traffic Management Code. Statutory regulation has not been required in the UK to realise an Open Internet. The UK’s approach relies on self-regulation, a competitive landscape and transparency for the consumer.

Read the full speech here.

BSG event: Competition in our Converged World – Tuesday 24 November 2015 – 9.30am to 6pm

The BSG are delighted to invite you to our free conference “Competition in a converged world???, on 24 November.

The conference will explore the major competition issues surrounding the future of the UK telecoms market: What are the benefits and challenges of converging networks? Which competition models are viable and beneficial for the end-user? How to balance innovation and regulation?  How does bundling affect the consumer? Where and what can we deregulate?


BSG supports the Broadband World Forum, 20-22 October 2015


The Broadband Stakeholder Group is pleased to continue its partnership with the Broadband World Forum, which will take place in London this October. This year, Richard Hooper, Chair of the BSG and Matthew Evans, CEO of the BSG will be speaking at the event.

The Broadband World Forum is one of the world’s largest telecoms, media & technology events with over 300 cross-industry speakers and 35 conference sessions to attend.

With attendees including the who’s who of global C-suite fixed, wireless and cable operators, OTTs and genuine market disruptors, national and international governments and the world’s leading solution providers, BBWF is an entire ecosystem event that excites and identifies how the latest technologies and trends from across our industry will impact the future of global communications.

Over 300 visionary speakers create one of the world’s most comprehensive and operator led conference programs, 100′s of which together with interactive exhibitions showcasing 250+ solutions providers, new product launches, live inter-operability demonstrations, NFV proof of concepts and facilitated networking zones makes BBWF a yearly must-attend event that provides unrivalled connections.

More information is available here:


BSG Publishes New Model on Small Businesses’ Connectivity Requirements

BSG calls for continued focus on reducing costs to allow superfast connectivity to be made available to all business premises as quickly as possible


2nd September 2015. The Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG), the Government’s leading advisory group on broadband, today published a report on the current and future connectivity requirements of small businesses. The research found that whilst median downstream demand for small business premises will rise from 5Mbit/s in 2015 to 8.1Mbit/s in 2025 demand for the 95th percentile will rise from 12.9 Mbit/s to 41.1 Mbit/s.


Review launched into UK’s Open Internet Code

Broadband Stakeholder Group commissions independent consultancy to assess effectiveness and recommend future developments

The Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG), the Government’s leading advisory group on broadband, is launching a review into the UK’s industry led approach to the Open Internet. The review aims to assess the current structure’s effectiveness, its future under the EU’s Connected Continent Regulation and what improvements can be made to the benefit of consumers and content and service providers.


Ofcom consultation on mobile switching process

As announced in Sharon White’s first speech as Ofcom CEO, the Regulator launched yesterday a new consultation on proposals to facilitate mobile switching services. On the basis of evidence gathered in summer 2014, Ofcom identified issues with the current switching processes, and found that these could be confusing and appear to be made difficult for consumers. By improving the switching process and dealing with consumers’ perception that “switching is hard???, Ofcom hopes these changes will lead to more effective competition between providers.


The UK – a global broadband leader according to the Net Vitality Index

The UK is one of the five Global Broadband Internet Ecosystem Leaders, according to the Net Vitality Index. The report was produced by the Media Institute, a US not-for-profit research organisation focused on communications policy. It is based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the global broadband internet system and identifies the US, South Korea, Japan, and the UK as the top-tier global broadband leaders.


EU reaches a compromise on net neutrality and roaming rules

In the early hours of this morning, the European Commission, European Parliament and Council of Ministers reached a political compromise on the Connected Continent Regulation. The Broadband Stakeholder Group recognises the efforts made by the EU Latvian Presidency to facilitate the negotiations and conclude them before the end of its term. The new EU law will end roaming charges from June 2017 when travelling in the EU and will include for the first time rules regulating the Open Internet.


Ofcom’s new CEO committed to put “consumers and citizens at the heart??? of the regulator’s work

Sharon White delivered today her first major speech as Ofcom’s Chief Executive at a Which? Conference. She stressed that Ofcom will continue to carry out its role as a light touch regulator, encouraging competition and investment, but with an increased consumer focus. As part of her speech, Sharon White highlighted some elements of Ofcom’s work programme, including the improvement of the process for consumers to switch broadband and landline providers, the upcoming Digital Communications Review, and confirming the government’s commitment to deliver the Universal Service Obligation of 5Mbit/s.


Government rollout of superfast broadband reaches nearly 2.5 million homes and businesses

The Government released its latest report on the progress made by the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme. Thanks to this, superfast broadband is now available to over 2.4 million premises in the UK (an increase of 500 000 more premises since December 2014). This, according to the report, equates to nearly 8000 premises covered per £million of BDUK expenditure.