Non-BSG Events

BSG supports Digital Scotland, 22 May 2013

Digital Scotland The Broadband Stakeholder Group is pleased to be a partner of NextGen’s Digital Scotland Conference.

This unique Conference will bring together a wide variety of parties with interests and responsibilities in Scotland’s Digital Future. Speakers will include representatives from Scottish Government, civic and local authorities, community leaders, key businesses enterprises and the networking and digital applications industry, including our own CEO Pamela Learmonth.


Elevating the case for getting disabled people online

Go ON GoldLast night saw the case put to businesses from across the technology industry to engage with the accessibility agenda, hosted by our partners Intellect. The statistics are certainly compelling – half of all people who have never been online are disabled according to Go ON UK Gold’s Dan Jellinek – and if policy-makers want to get serious about furthering digital inclusion then working with the third sector and those in industry that provide systems, services and content on approaches to accessibility will be crucial. (more…)

Today is Safer Internet Day 2013

Its the 10th Safer Internet Day today, organised by Insafe each year to promote more responsible use of online technology. It’s a useful initiative aimed at helping parents and carers – particularly those who may be lacking in tech skills – start a conversation with their children with their online behaviours and how to stay safe.

The initiative bring a timely and  sensible focus on  getting parents and carers think realistically about the conversations they are having with their children about going online; a welcome bit of common sense and practical advice in a debate that can, understandably so, become quickly emotive. (more…)

BSG CEO addresses European eInclusion Ministerial Conference

BSG CEO Antony Walker was among the speakers at the eInclusion Ministerial Conference, held in Vienna.

Discussing ‘Future broadband challenges: the long term view’, Walker set out the immediate challenges he saw, and the key issues that need to be addressed in the long term.

In the near term, Walker highlighted that the outlook for investment in next generation broadband was very different across the various European markets, and the current economic climate made investment more challenging. Therefore, it was even more important that public and regulatory policy makers use the various levers at their disposal to encourage market-led deployment.

The key long-term challenge is likely to be the rise of a new digital divide, as next generation broadband will almost certainly not be deployed ubiquitously within markets. Thinking is therefore required now, to determine how each nation plans to address this challenge, when the time comes.

Antony Walker, ‘Future broadband challenges’ – speech in full